Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I have a theory actually I have many but I will only address one today. I believe that computers are out to get me and its personal. Don't laugh I swear I can hear laughter when my computer at work crashes....Again. The Man thinks that I am being silly. The Man also works with computers 8 hours a day then he comes home and plays on the computer for another couple of hours. I never said he was normal, just sexy as hell. But anyway I was in the computer lab today innocently typing a paper that was due by 4 this afternoon. I was too confident that life is going well and the computer god had to prove me wrong. I print the greatest paper in the world and half of it was cut off by the right margin. I tried to fix the problem ha ha then I called over a computer lab tech she then called over another tech who then called over the manager. So I have 4 people ( the assistant manager came over also) standing around my work station shaking their heads asking me if I had saved my paper. Not a confidence builder. After 20 minutes of them casting computer spells my paper finally printed correctly. As I was packing my bag I heard chuckling and it was coming from the monitor. I swear!!

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