Friday, January 08, 2016

A quick update

Hello Loves,

I am super tired today but I just wanted to tell you that I GOT PROMOTED!!!!

I am now a supervisor! WAAAA HOOOOOOOOOOO

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Sunday Ramblings

Hello Loves,

Today my plan was to:
Go to Mass
Donate books
Exchange gifts with my Uncle and Aunt
Go to Bed, Bath and Beyond

My reality today:
Stayed up all night coughing
Cancelled and rescheduled with Uncle and Aunt
Napped until 1
Puttered around the house.


I need to shake this sinus infection it's cramping my groove!

I said I wanted to blog more I never said I would be really interesting:-)

Saturday, January 02, 2016



This is the first year in FOREVER that I was able to enjoy the holiday season. I was missing the PosieGirl something awful but I wasn't stressed about school and work was just the normal"ish" stress so life was good my friends.

We even decorated! I was able to meet Scrapbook Girl and my cousin for dinner without worrying about anything like papers or dreading my internship. GLORIOUS I tell you!!!

We were able to visit with the Ohio Family (ok I got sick Christmas weekend but still Christmas day was PERFECT) and we went out and people came over and good Lord it's like we are normal people!

One of my goals is to update this bit of internet space that I have claimed for my own so be patient loves. I am working on it and focusing on me and my little family and our house and just enjoying my life and my first world problems:-)

Monday, December 22, 2014


So either Google stopped being silly or I got a clue.
I go with Google myself because I have a ton of clues so clearly it wasn't me:-)


Yeah so what's new?

I think by all that is good and Holy I might be near the end of my grad school career. I am in the process of scheduling a course audit and if I am correct I only have one more class to take after the winter semester.

I really really REALLY hate my internship. The only thing I have learned so far is that I don't want to work with adults or adults with substance abuse issues or with adults with substance abuse and criminal conduct issues. Yep I do not want a ticket for that ride thank you very much.

I find myself repeating like a mantra (I think I mean mantra) "Not my circus, not my monkeys" when I am at my placement.

My people, we all know I have control issues and at work I am damn good at what I do and that is comforting. At my placement? Not so much. Actually not at all. I have control of nothing and I am not comfortable making decisions on my own because my supervisor runs hot and cold and just ..I don't know I can 't get a reading on her. Does that make sense?

You know what else?

I want to have a life again.

I want to be able to call a posse member and get coffee or do a Target trip with one of them and not feel guilty that I am not doing homework or doing something for my placement or did I schedule that home visit or ....ARGH!!!

I also need a maid.

Peace and Love my people!!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Saturday, January 05, 2013



Today I went shopping with one of the "ettes" (long story, tell you later) and we found some lovely deals. I am now into going to resale shops to "save" money on purses. I actually put back a Michael Kors bag! Now don't get too impressed because I bought a new Vera Bradley from the Spring line:-)

Lush was having a buy one get one free on their holiday soaps. There were two everyday scents included in the deal so I got a holiday scent, a normal scent and a soap that is covered in black wax. Everything smells yummy!

I bought some inserts at the Franklin Planner store. Nothing too exciting there.

I wanted the Cinderella lipstick set from Sephora but apparently it was a one time deal thing and I missed it. I still have the gift card that Stinky gave me for Christmas so I am going to save it until I REALLY want something.

I bought a cute Kate Spade coin purse and it was on sale for close to 40% off. YAY!!

Yep so it was a pretty successful shopping trip:-)