Saturday, January 02, 2016



This is the first year in FOREVER that I was able to enjoy the holiday season. I was missing the PosieGirl something awful but I wasn't stressed about school and work was just the normal"ish" stress so life was good my friends.

We even decorated! I was able to meet Scrapbook Girl and my cousin for dinner without worrying about anything like papers or dreading my internship. GLORIOUS I tell you!!!

We were able to visit with the Ohio Family (ok I got sick Christmas weekend but still Christmas day was PERFECT) and we went out and people came over and good Lord it's like we are normal people!

One of my goals is to update this bit of internet space that I have claimed for my own so be patient loves. I am working on it and focusing on me and my little family and our house and just enjoying my life and my first world problems:-)

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