The Posse

The Man: my husband and the love of my life. Also known as OhioBoy

The Cousin: Umm my cousin. Nine months younger and a lot bossier! She lives in Jerzee and is the mother of Smart Girl

Smart Girl: aka Fly Girl She is smart, sassy and sweet

Oatmeally: Bestest friend since 9th grade. She is my Miranda

PosieGirl, Mommakins: my mom who I just lost. She is now an angel in heaven.

Stinky: My dad and he is mellowing a bit in his old age:-)

Stepmonster: We have an "interesting" relationship however she stayed with me the entire night when my mom was dying.

OhioMomma: The Man's mom. Ubercrafty and always up for a project

OhioPops: The Man's dad. Very cute

Dindy: my best friend from grade school. She is a part of me.

The Pastel One or Pastel Princess: My sister. She sees the good in everything even frosted pink lipstick. She is my Charlotte

ScrapbookGirl: My coffee/book friend. She is always up for a shopping trip

OhioBoy2: ScrapbookGirls husband and my guy friend. I have found that you can't have too many Ohio Boys:-)

BunnyButt: The Queen of the World. Always full of wisdom and snark. Gotta love her. She is my Samantha.

KPooh: Proof that talking to strangers in a bathroom can be a good thing...if you aren't in politics:-)

Laverne and Shirley: KPoohs daughters. They are mini me's of KPooh and I. It's a bit scary.

Blondie: My neighbor, ScrapbookGirls best friend and a fellow purse buyer and Bonus Gift loving friend