100+ some more...maybe

have noticed that quite of few of the blogs that I read have 100 things about me lists. I am such a follower.

1. I am an only child
2. I can amuse myself in almost any and every situation
3. Some say I am bossy
4. I don't believe that they are correct
5. I can be a tad stubborn
6. I love Eeyore
7. I am a Daddy's girl
8. I am proud of that THANK YOU VERY MUCH:)
9. I have a step mother
10. I am not amused by this
11. The Man is tall enough that I fit quite nicely under his chin
12. He is quite possibly the best thing in my life other than my family and friends
13. I still have my best friend from kindergarten
14. I would do anything for my friends
15. I call my bestest friend Oatmeally 'cause I love her and it annoys her.
16. My cousin is my biggest supporter and critic
17. She is my favorite person
18. I thank G-d every day for her
19. Because of her I am convinced that G-d works in mysterious ways. We were meant to be family even though she was born into another family.
20. my uncle is my second dad
21. My aunt is someone I can talk to about anything and everything
22. We used to annoy my mother at funerals because we rate the food.
23. We even have a rating system.
24. I make my check marks backward.
25. I am left handed
26. I like being different
27. I have an hour glass shape with a VERY long afternoon
28. My cousin Ed is my hero
29. I pray every day for him because he is in the military
30. I am so proud of him
31. my mom was awesome even though we used fight like cats and dogs
32. I refuse to scrapbook
33. I miss my nana every day
34. My grandpa taught me how to read
36. I think my cat can talk
37. I still have my teddy bear Fuzzy and he goes with me on every plane trip
38. I love being Catholic
39. Yes we have problems but I would never change my religion
40. The Man is Catholic
41. That was important
42. I am Pro-Life
43. I am also a feminist
44. Yes you can be both
45. I have more nail polish and lipstick than anyone else I know other than possibly BunnyButt.
46. BunnyButt is my second biggest supporter and she thinks I am smart
47. I carry pictures of all of my friends kids
48. I have a sister who is not related
49. She loves pastels and I love her despite this
50. She is so organized its scary
51. I met my best friend from college in the bathroom.
52. We bonded over lip stick
53. Bonds like that can't be broken
54. I had a big wedding
55. I am messy
56. I have a serious purse fetish
57. My thumbs are shaped very strangely
58. I pick my skin on my fingers when I am nervous or bored or concentrating.
59. The Man hates that and holds my thumb when I start
60. I get REALLY crabby once a month
61. I really want to be pregnant.
62. I used to sleep with a big floppy stuffed Eeyore that Oatmeally gave me last Christmas
63. I play with my hair when I am tired
64. I call my dad Stinky. He actually smells quite yummy so the nickname doesn't make a lot of sense.
65. I blog at work
66. I am getting really bored doing this
67. I wanted to be a doctor when I was a kid then I took Inorganic Chemistry.
68. I snore
69. I don't like people touching my feet or butt
70. Thankfully only The Man wants to touch either
71. I love watching the "Wedding Story" on TLC
72. I call The Man and tell him that I am watching it and what I would do differently.
73. I am a believer of subtle hints:)
74. I cry at movies, commercials, if its sappy I cry
75. After 9/11 I promised Oatmeally that I would never stop looking for her if she was in a terrorist acttack. She would keep looking for me too. That my friend is true friendship.
76. I call off work if I am too tired or depressed to face the world
77. When I was a kid I had my funeral planned.
78. I try to never ever burp or fart in public
79. I love kissing The Man on his neck
80. I want to live in New York
81. Sometimes I think about how I will feel when my parents die and that always makes me get a stomach ache. Yeah it sucks!
82. I can't spell to save my life
83. I knew that I loved The Man one month after we started dating.
84. The ScrapBook Girl and I love to go to Starbucks. We have a system for ordering goodies from coffee houses and bookstores. We each order a different goodie and we share. Of course one of us usually doesn't like what we ordered so one goodie gets completely eaten immediately and we stare at the waste of of gooey yummy and the five bucks we spent on it until we can't stand it any more and we eat it anyway. This makes sense to us.
85. I can't save money very well.
86. Lets cut the crap I can't save money at all. Good thing The Man is better at the financial stuff or we would be in some serious trouble.
87. If there was a support group for Oreo Overeaters I would not only be a member I would be the president.
88. If it has "Law and Order" or "CSI" in the title I will be watching it.
89. My cousin and I can eat an entire bag of chips with a container of French Onion dip while watching TV and talking.
90. I have anxiety attacks when I take too much of my inhaler.
91. My dad is my weak spot I can not stand up to him even when he hurts me badly. I can even make excuses for his behavior.
92. I sometimes wish my parents were still married even though I know that its better for both of them that they aren't.
93. I am jealous of my friends who have married parents.
94. I want plastic surgery on my nose and left eye. I want Dr. Rey from "Dr. 90210" to perform the surgery.
95. I LOVE M*A*S*H no really I can watch it all day.
96. I have blank books to record all of my thoughts...sadly many of them are still blank.
97. I hate writing cover letters and I firmly believe that no one actually reads them.
98. I cry at sappy Hallmark commercials.
99. I am an night-time emotional eater which explains my butt
100. I am called Sassy Pants at work.