Monday, November 22, 2004

Funny Things

Funny thing happened on the way home today. The Man and I were driving past this craft mall and I said I wanted to stop. The Man looked at it and said ever so seriously "Oh no I don't like the look of it" like he was a vice cop or something. It was too funny.

He cracks me up sometimes:)

Anyho we had a good weekend. We spent Sat night with my family and for an added bonus we went to Target. I love Target I really do. Its almost a religious experience for me everytime I go into a Target store. Sunday we just hung out at his apartment. I love going to Kroger with him we argue like an old married couple but its fun and cute. Monday he took the day off so we went to a movie then to a bookstore and then home where I am hogging the couch and his laptop. The joys of being a duchess;)

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