Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Job

Ok so its been brought to my attention that I suck at this updating gig. I am sorry so very sorry:( But I have some really good excuses. Wanna read them??

1. The 15th of July was my last day at the real estate office. My work family (I worked there for 6 years) was planning on throwing me a lovely party. We were going to order lunch from a groovy Mexican place down the road and I was looking forward to it. BUT........

2. My mom's boss called me at work and told me that my mom fell and they (the EMS people) were taking her to a very large hospital in a very bad part of downtown. I called The Man immediately to ask him if he could leave work since I don't have a great sense of direction in the best of times so I had no desire to drive myself, ya know?? He gets to the office and we fly downtown. There the hell starts......

3. My mom fell and shattered her femur. What did she fall over? Her OWN FOOT!!! At first the nurse said that it didn't look too bad but when the doctor looked at the x-ray she called for orthorpedic SURGEON to look at and then the fun started. My mom was really upset so I couldn't be and it was horrible until my uncle and aunt got there. It really sucked actually until they got there because I was crying on The Man while trying to be strong for mom. To make a long story short she had an operation on Sunday and she is still in Rehab.

4. The Job is going to be quite the challenge. I have 27 kids that I am responsible for and 17 birth mothers that I have to deal with and more reports than should be allowed by law. I I also hate driving and in three weeks I have on my mileage sheet 330 miles. They pay .30 a mile. The birth parents suck but I LOVE the kids. More on the job later,yes I promise.

5. I love my posse and I am totally in love with The Man.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! The girlie is back!!!! :) Let me know when you want to meet for lunch in our new end of town.

Love ya!!
Curly Q

Anonymous said...

How can the hamsters that run your engine handle all of the travel? :-)


Anonymous said...

The hamsters are currently in training to replace Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France next year and are using her car as a training exercise. ;)

Scrapbook Girl