Saturday, February 25, 2006

I am LAME!!!

I have just been informed by a reliable source that it has been a month since I last updated. I trust this source so I am updating RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Why? Because my source can get pretty scary if he feels that I ignored his oh so subtle hint:)

Anyhoo I am going to keep this simple because right now I feel very simple.

1. K-Pooh got a new job. Hopefully this company won't be full of bucket heads who don't realize how awesome she is until its too late. I have no idea what she does but apparently she works next to a roller rink which is cool and scary at the same time. Cool because HELLO its a ROLLER RINK. GAW I feel like I am in 7th grade hoping that the kid with the spiky hair and wearing a gallon of Brute will ask me to skate to a bad Journey song. Scary because K-pooh while being a very cool chickee is also not the most graceful and she will break something useful on her fool self if she puts on roller skates.

2. Smart Girl, the Cousin and the Saint are in a very warm tropical place and they are evil because they did not take me with them.

3. I feel like a grown up because The Man and I opened a joint savings account. I opened one at his credit union because it is completely out of the way for me. This makes sense if you only knew how badly I manage money. Now he can make deposits for me and I can't take it out when Clinique has bonus time. See I can be logical.

4. Scrapbook Girl and I can't get our schedules together to eat lunch together to save our lives. Sad since she is the only friend that works out in No Mans Land with me. Bunny Butt lives out there but since she has 2 kids who have better lives than all of us put together its IMPOSSIBLE to find time to eat lunch with her:)

that is all I have right now because I am tired and cranky.

Love you all:)

Mary Mother of G-d Clinique is not in my spell check dictionary. What kind of sick world is this??

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Anonymous said...

I promise to only use the old fashioned kind of skates, you know, the ones where the wheels are two and two, not all in one line. At least then I have a chance of staying on my feet :-)

And yes, this new job is awesome. I could bring my dog in here if I wanted to. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :-)