Sunday, March 26, 2006

We Painted! Yes, we are still together!!

So on Friday The Man and I bought all of the supplies for PROJECT KITCHEN. It was a bit more than I expected but since I have never actually painted anything bigger than a fingernail I don't consider myself an expert. On Friday night we had friends over and that was way fun. K-Pooh was there with perfect hair. Seriously the blonde one has perfect hair. Its tousled and catches the light and everything. Anyhoo it was fun and we are going to a play in April with more friends so yay for us for having a social life.

Saturday we painted. The big wall and the wall with the sink are RED. It was kind of funny. The Man mentioned, after we had been painting for an hourish, that his arm was getting sore. I mentioned that my hand was burning. Yeah burning. He got the VOICE ( he has a voice that he uses when he gets all serious on me) what kind of paint is it??!!! I said "Latex Semi Glossy. He actually swore and made me go downstairs to get the paint off my hand. Why the concern? I am allergic to LATEX! Hot damn I am the smart one. Neither one of us even thought about that when we bought the paint. Sidenote: I missed the Scrapbook Girl's bachorlette party because she and the Ohio Boy had painted their bedroom the day before the party and I didn't want to be aroung the paint since it was LATEX paint. So I had to paint with gloves on and then I got the mother of all headaches so I did a coat and a half and The Man did the rest. I felt so bad I paid for dinner that night. Yes you can tell that professional painters were not consulted for this project however I feel it gives the kitchen character. I was also told that red increases a persons appetite which given my cooking skills could be a bad thing:)

On the grad school front: I got a letter and in three paragraphs it told me nothing. It stated that my application was received (Oh good I was worried that it got lost considering that I walked it to the grad office and handed it to a person almost 2 months ago) and if they were interested they will contact me for an interview. Lovely.

I have a two day trial this week. My butt will be flat,big and sore. Which is a change from big, round and out there:) I am Mexican after all:)

Adios Ninos:)

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Anonymous said...

Do I seriously need to treat you like Bubble Boy? NO LATEX! Sheesh it is as if i need to watch you day in and day out :-)

And my hair SUCKS, you know it!

Love you!