Saturday, April 01, 2006

Wish me luck

My dad and the stepmonster are meeting The Man's parents on Sunday. I have officially started the freak out this morning.

I told Oatmeally to have the Oreos ready for me if this does not go well.

My dad officially retired on Friday. He has bought a pool table and basement tile to occupy his time. I have been told that the tile was expensive and he wants a new car now. She makes it sound like a big deal that he actually spent money however he does earn the money and he never complains about her shoe purchases and the clothes with the tags still hanging in one of the three closets that she has so maybe she should shut her pie hole and be happy that he has not come to his senses.

I am really old and it was apparent this morning like never before. Cutie Putie (The Man's youngest brother) is a guitar player and he owns 4 of them. He wanted guitar strings for his birthday so I got the specifics and we went to the Guitar Center and bought them. We walk in and it was LOUD very LOUD. People looking intense and soulful were trying out the various guitars and NONE of them were playing the same chord or whatever. The Man started to wander because it is against his inner belief system to ask for assistance in a store and I usually let him wander around looking for whatever he is looking for but not this time. I couldn't handle the LOUDNESS of the store and the middle age men desperately trying to recapture their lost youth was just getting annoying so I head to the electric guitar part of store with the list and I stood there like a clueless person reading off of it to a the kid behind the counter who was probably born the year I graduated from high school. The Man stood behind me and just handed the kid his credit card. GAK I feel like I should sign up for AARP now.

Spell check does not recognize Oreos. WHATEVER!!


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