Sunday, May 21, 2006


Lets see what has happened since the last time I actually blogged.....



Oh thats right I AM ENGAGED!!!!

He bought the ring the day that we went looking. He proposed on April 11th. Its a beautiful simple ring. He took my dad out to lunch on Tuesday and that evening he proposed and I said YES very quickly before he could change his mind LOL. The Cousin is the Maid of Honor. My bridesmaids are Oatmeally, Scrapbook Girl, K-Pooh, BunnyButt, The PastelOne, and my other cousin who will have a nickname as soon as I can think of one. The SmartGirl is the flowergirl and M&M is the ringbearer.

The wedding is 10-06-07 and that is 503 days away:-D

Hee hee

Oh yeah

I was also accepted into my first and only choice for grad school. YAY for Me!!!!

Oh wait

I also have a job interview for another position in the agency, same pay but better hours.

I am so happy and I so love The MAN


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D, I am trying to figure this whole "blog" thing out... HELP!!!

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