Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A week later

I have been in the adoption department for an entire week.
I spent the majority of today in court for a foster care case

Thursday I am actually going to do actual adoption work.

Sad fact: I was amazed that one of my kids had over 50 inquiries from families wanting her. I have kids that have been available for adoption for over 1000 days. We don't do years we do days. I told my supervisor that I was surprised by the amount of interest that this 6 year old girl has gotten in the week that she has been up for adoption. My supervisor was not surprised. The little girl is white with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is in hot demand. Adoption fact: white kids get adopted faster to higher income families. Even white kids with issues get adopted faster than minority children with no issues.

New thought: K-pooh is blonde. She has blue eyes. I wonder how much I would get for her? :-)

What's new with you?

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to be adopted by Johnny Depp please. Make it happen oh adoption fairy :-)