Sunday, September 17, 2006

Free doesn't really mean free and other news

So far we have spent a metric buttload of money on our free puppy. Yep.

His name is Loki

He is very cute

He likes to pee on our carpet

The Man is not fond of this habit

I will post pictures very soon

He also does not like the leash....Loki not The Man

He has the softest ears in the history of puppydom. I have to stop myself from eating them:)

I gave him a bath last night...Loki not The Man

He did not enjoy it

I did not enjoy it very much either

However we both have very soft shiny coats now since I was just as wet as he was.

There was much swearing involved

Me not Loki

One of us ran outside to roll on the ground after the bath

Loki not me

One of us was not amused by that at all

Me not Loki

I do love that dog

The Man?

Not so much

Its going to be a long training period

Pray for us

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