Sunday, September 24, 2006

Random Tidbits

The Man and I went shopping on Friday. We went to Burlington Coat Factory since it was their grand opening. I *heart* that store. It has a lot of reasonably priced house stuff. Also I got a sweater for 15.00 and they had nice work pants and shoes. Word to wise: check the box to make sure both shoes are the same size. Normally I just try on one shoe and The Man was holding the box and he noticed that the left shoe was a 10. Not cool homies.

Saturday we went to Lowes and we spent too much money but it was all stuff we needed. We got the cutest mats for the front and back doors.

Loki has his first doctor appt on Oct 7 for his puppy shots. I gave the nurse his full name which is Loki Hispanic last name-German last name. I felt that since our kids will have the German last name I can give the dog my last name. Oye I don't think this is what MS magazine would consider retaining my identity but it works for me.

We went out to dinner with Jack and her fam it was nice.

I am dragging Oatmeally to a wedding show today:) I hope its better than the one last week. We are also stopping at a reallly cool mall before we head home. I have no idea what The Man does to his socks but he seems to go through them at an alarming rate.

I need to shower now and make myself look human like:)

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