Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Da Funk is GONE!

Hi there,

I went to work today and I amazed myself!! I did ALL of my court reports and USP inserts for OCTOBER. So now, all I have to do are my child evals and attend court.

Damn Homies I was ProDucTive.

The new carpet smell at work is not pleasant at all. Really I am glad that my future house has hardwood floors. Also? The house has The Man.

I do love that Ohio Boy.

He was sickerdoodles yesterday.

I share everything.



Food off my plate

My colds


I have a paper to write so of course I decide to update my blog.

Did I ever tell you that he can't nap? Nor can he sleep in. He is broken. I can do both rather well.

I am also watching "Dancing with the Stars". Wanna know a sad fact? I voted for Mario so many times that the last time I called the recording said "hey dork get a hobby" hee hee

Oye that paper is not writing itself. Damn damn damn

Hey the Ohio Momma got a job at BORDERS!!! She gets a discount!! Whooo Hooo! I embrace the exclaimation point. Its my favorite.


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Anonymous said...

you're my favorite :-)