Monday, December 04, 2006

First Snow

We had the first snow for the 2006 winter season.
Oh the joy.
I work on in a building thats on a road exactly between two mile roads. It took me 20 minutes to drive TWO miles. It normally takes me 40 minutes to get home from work. I even left work at 7 which is so not rush hour time.

I got a new coat and mittens a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I can't find my new mittens and my hands were FREEZING. Also? I look horrible in hats. I tend to freeze my ears off instead of looking like a dork. The Cousin looks good in hats which makes me believe she was British in a past life.

Anyhoo I met a friend from the bank that I used to work at and we had coffee. We chatted and I showed her my dress. She liked it:) She is singing at my wedding.

I turned in a bunch of reports to my supervisor a couple of days ago and I just got them back today. My supervisor is in law school so she has a particular style of writing and I am in grad school for clinical psy so we have different ways of describing a child. She is constantly correcting my way of writing because she feels that I focus too much on what the child is feeling and not just stating the facts for the referee's. I disagree I feel that the referee's needs to know what is going on with child beyond just the facts. I think the child gets lost in the legal mumble jumble and we lose sight of what is important. I change my reports but not as much as she wants. I keep in some of the personal details becuase really the referee needs to know.

I feel like I am dating my professor. I asked him to let me know if he got my report since I am a bit dim when it comes to computer things. The Man said that the paper should be ok but I swear something goofy always happens when I try to get all techy. I used Free Office and I saved it as a microsoft document but with my luck Lord knows what will happen when he opens it. Back to my point, he never let me know he got my report. Dude seriously what is with men not communicating?? A simple email that is alll that I am asking for he can even say "Yep" and I will be happy:-P

Love ya all

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