Sunday, January 07, 2007

9 Months People NINE. MONTHS.

I meant to post this yesterday but I started reading a new blog and following links to different links and well 4 hours later I had a sore neck. I also have four new blogs that I am going to follow. 2 of them are written by chicks who are getting married this year and one of them is written by a chick that got married last year to a guy 20 years her senior. Very cool. Anyhoo.....

Yesterday was January 6. I am getting married on October 6. Yesterday was exactly 9 months until my wedding. The Man was making fun of me all day because I kept mentioning it and looking at my watch to tell him what will be happening at that time in NINE MONTHS. Yes I am aware of the fact that I am a dork. Wanna know what else I did that was dorky?

I called my dad in Mexico to tell him my wedding is exactly NINE MONTHS. He answered the phone and I totally threw him because I said "Hi Dad" in English. When he recovered and stopped laughing because he didn't know who it was for a second...who the hell else calls him dad? Something I don't know about him??? LOL. I told him that my wedding is NINE MONTHS from today. He said he knew that because he knows how to read his calender and the stepmonster told him that morning. Hmmm I didn't know she would care to be that dorky about my wedding.

******I have issues with my stepmonster. Just ask the Scrapbook Girl about her and buy a her a cup of Starbucks and she will talk your ear off since she has first hand witnessed the drama.********

Back to my original point...I asked my dad if he has gone shopping for the stuff on his list. He had and they went to 7 or 8 different stores. He had to buy the coins, the crown and the lasso. Now, a couple of things about my Stinky. He is a great dad however in my family at least (If The Cousin is reading this she totally understands because this includes her dad) the men have no problem paying for things and being a part of the actual event. The planning and the leg work leading up to the event normally falls on the women. If they do have to actually go and purchase something themselves they go to one store, get what they need and leave. The end. No muss, no fuss. Stinky said they went to multiple stores because he didn't like what he saw and he wanted to compare selections and whatnot. That surprised me and made me happy that he took that much time to pick those things out for my wedding. I asked if he almost cried and he said "yep" So whatever they got will be perfect and I will be proud to wear it on my wedding day....which is NINE MONTHS away.

I also called the Ohio Momma and she was at work. So I got to talk to Lil Bro (The Man has two brothers and that is the youngest) he is very funny and very cute and very talented. Anyhoo I told him and yeah he is 17 so he said "you going to do it?" I said yep 'cause I want to see him in a tux. He said he figured that. Oye.

School starts this week. YAY!

Love you all

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trayread said...

this is what i get for just skimming things....
i totally read this post... but in a very tracy way, before i asked when your wedding was.
now that i read it in a normal fashion, i see that it is posted all over it.
so sorry.
we shall see... i might actually be visiting in october...
my cousin is getting married as well, and i think that the weddings of two of my most favorite people are definitely acceptable reasons to visit michigan for a bit :-)