Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I want a horse

So today I had to visit one of my kids at Children's Hospital. The visit went well, he is getting better and I actually got to speak to a doctor. He has to stay there for another week then he will get rehab at home.

I was on the phone with The Man heading toward the expressway when it happened.

My freaking power steering went kablooey. I started freaking out because I was on the entrance ramp for i-75. I hung up on The Man after screaming "Oh my God, my power steering went and I heading for the expressway" and I got off at the next exit. Now this is downtown Detroit and granted the Cousin has a sense a direction that puts most GPS ( I was going to put system after the S but doesn' the S stand for system?) to shame. I however did not get that gene. NOPE. I get lost in my apartment so picture me in downtown Detroit. Not pretty eh? Yeah I finally found the Church steeple that is by court so I headed toward it and to tell you the truth I could not tell you how I managed to get back to familiar ground.

I did call back The Man who was relieved that I got off the expressway in one piece. I drove to my mechanic in Westland turning hand over hand and now my arms are sore and my boobs got in the way and I was so not happy. Anyway a really long story kind of short they replaced my power steering belt. The good part was that they did not charge me for labor since I was there LAST week because they didn't tighten the alterantor belt and it slipped and I lost the power steering then too. The Man said not to think that they are that cool since they should have seen that the power steering belt was going bad last week so they are just covering their own bum now.

Anyway I have pictures from my dinner party last week but I am too tired to download them so you have to wait:-)

Love you all

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