Monday, September 10, 2007

Wedding Update

I had my second fitting today.
My dress is BEEYOUTIFUL!!

Umm other new and nonsense

1. We have a party bus for the day of the wedding
2. We ordered the candy
3. We need to look at chair covers on Friday. The Man? He is thrilled
4. The Make-Up and Hair appointments are all set. Thank you K-Pooh
5. The first shower thank you's are in the mail
6. Need to start the second batch of thank you's
7. I need to buckle down with school
8. I also need to focus on work when I am at work
9. I need to call the photographer to let him know what is going on during the Mass
10. I need to reserve the honeymoon
11. I have the thank you gifts for the posse

The End

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