Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I need to be sedated

So I basically put life on the back burner since September to get the wedding off without a hitch. I blew off reading for school, typing reports, calling Subsidy and the whatnot. Now? Karma is a BEEYATCH!!

I have been desperately trying to get the house to look like two people who were raised in the city with human contact and the ability to read live there and can possibly be trusted not to park a car on the grass. Its an up hill battle people.

My issues:
Yeah there are many but I shall only list the ones related to the house.

1. Closets. We need bigger ones
2. The cat hair. We need less cat hair
3. The dishes. Seriously who is eating here? We are never home and yet we have dirty dishes. I swear someone breaks into the house with food and proceeds to eat their meal in my home leaving the dishes for me to clean. But I am on to them and they will be punished!!!
4. The laundry. We need multiple machines so we can do 6 loads at once. Also a fairy who will bring the clothes upstairs folded in their "fresh mountain air" goodness. Oh yeah and put them away somewhere 'cause I have no idea where anything goes ***See #1
5. Did I mention the dog hair? Yeah we have that too and really we need less. If anyone needs dog hair for their favorite black sweater come over here for a big ol' hug and I will share my wealth with you:-D

Oh has anyone here heard of baptism by fire? Well The Man is experiencing it right now. I am on Prednisone (is that spelled correctly?) for my asthma. Its a steroid which in addition to making my already round face positively Full Moon-like. It makes me a tad moody, just a tad though. However if I were you? I would back away slowly from my bowl of chips and really don't even think about touching the dip. So I take the last pill on Friday. Then? PMS starts by Saturday or Monday at the latest. The Man is wondering if the 30 day return policy applies to marriages as well as sweaters:-D

This is still better than dealing with vendors who call at the rehersal to ask if I want to change the floor plan so the main table faces the northeast wall or did I prefer the southwest wall. Umm hell just put the main table in the parking lot!!


Tara said...
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Anonymous said...

Another item for your "to do" list - update your profile. It still says you live with your mom and your cat. :-)


Heather at Grace303 said...

Makes me tired just thinking about it all! Looks like you have a good to-do list though. Always a good first step.