Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random Tidbits

The Man and I picked up my new car yesterday. Its new to me at least and it works!! I had a NEON and now I have a VUE. I am quite excited however now I need to actually pay attention to my speed. In my Neon the speed telling device was broken so I just figured if I passed two cars or my car was shaking too badly I was going too fast:-D Now my speed telling device works and I have a faster engine and oh my Lord my car goes fast.

The Scrapbook Girl and I went to a purse party with a chickadee from work. Another chickee from work was supposed to meet us however she got stuck at work so we shopped without her even though it was her aunt that was the hostess of the party. Anyhoo I got a Boach wallet and a Ducky and Burke purse. The Boach wallet cracks me up, the tissue paper inside the checkbook cover had "fine leatherwahe" since 1941 printed on it!!!

I am still organizing my wedding pictures and working on the thank-you cards. Oy

More later if I remember:-D

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