Saturday, January 19, 2008

A new day and all that crap

I woke up today to the sound of my ring holder (NAMBY, I think, a wedding present from a girl at school) hitting the floor with a loud clatter. I keep my three band gold/diamond ring and my pearl/diamond ring in this bowl along with my inhaler* and a lip balm. I had the mental image of my pearl ring hitting the floor at just the right angle to send the pearl flying into the gimorous pile of The Man's laundry in our room. I slowly hauled my chubby bum to the edge of the bed and leaned over expecting to see the worse and imagine my happy when I saw both my rings resting in my slippers.

That my friends is proof to me that my poopy year is going to turn the corner and become not so poopy.

*I have bad asthma. I have been known to have 3 inhalers on me at one time for you know "just in case". My asthma tends to kick it up a notch when I am stressed so I am never without one except on my WEDDING DAY. I took Friday off and on Friday night at the rehersal I realize that I don't have an inhaler because I had left it on my desk when I was digging into my pit of a purse for something..probably a lipgloss. CRAP. How did that happen?!? On Saturday while we are getting our hair and make-up done I turn to Scrapbook Girl and tell her I don't have a inhaler. She calmly replies don't worry Ohio Boy2 always has his so we are covered. Umm not good enough because what if Ohio Boy2 had a stupid moment like the Duchess and he leaves it on the dresser!! WHAT THEN I ASK YOU!?!?!? So I calmly ORDER her to call Ohio Boy2 to remind him to bring an inhaler. She realizes at this point that its always a good idea to agree with crazy people so she does. I can tell from her conversation that Ohio Boy2 is pointing out to her that he is SMART and he realizes that he needs to carry his inhaler everywhere and he would never in a fit of STOOPID take it out of his pocket to rummage around for a lipgloss (he doesn't wear lipgloss.) (Ok he doesn't wear it outside of his house he may when he and ScrapbookGirl at alone but whatever). Someone else calls The Man to tell him to look around for an inhaler because the woman he is about to marry and hopefully have a child with forgot her inhaler at work and she can't remember if she has one anywhere else. When we get to the Church Scrapbook Girl checks with Ohio Boy2 to just make sure he remembered the inhaler and he did:D

When we sit down in the front of the church The Man leans over and whispers "I have an inhaler in my pocket don't worry, I have it all under control"

I do need the help of my friends to get through this thing called "Life"

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suburban prep said...

I have an inhaler with me usually at all times as well. but I have to tell you that one time hubby and I were in San Francisco and I had left it in my suitcase at the hotel and we were sight-seeing for the day. For some reason my asthma kicked up. we found a local market and bought a pop with caffiene and also some strong mints. These have always helped in the past and they helped then. Now I always have a tin of the mints from Trader Joe's in my car just for this reason. (I do keep an inhaler in there as well). The mints come in handy also when you have had a burger with onions on them as well.