Monday, February 25, 2008

Help! I need somebody, Help!

So mom is moving this Saturday and nothing is packed.
I have job interview on Tuesday (massive snow is predicted..frickin' figures)
I have homework a metric BUTTLOAD of homework
I feel like crap

So it may be slim pickings in the kingdom until next weekend.


Wait! One more quickie, the Ohio Momma is coming up on Saturday and she doesn't know it but I have a PILE of paint color things that she and I will discuss in great detail since The Man and I can't agree and I want something painted in this house for the love of G-d!!


ohio mama said...

Well, Ohio Mama knows now!!
And boy I can't wait...don't you worrry...we'll fix your walls up realllllll nice.

love Ohio Mama

N M B said...

Dill! :) And eat em with ranch dressing!