Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday nights

Its freezing in Michigan. I mean FREEZING as in negative temperatures FREEZING. Our dog is cuddled up in his doggy bed on his chair with his nose under his paw. Very cute.
I have two pairs of socks on and a sweatshirt over a t-shirt.
I asked The Man if we could turn up the heat in our igloo and he said that is already at 68 and our furnance can't keep up with even 68 so any higher would not actually produce more heat.
Umm yeah whatever just make it WARMER in here for the love of G-d.
I also suggested turning on the oven (not actually cooking in anything in it because that is just crazy talk people) and he said nope not safe and our gas would be higher.
Alrighty can we get space heaters?
Nope not safe and he doesn't trust them.
I have explained to him on countless occasions that Mexicans should not be BLUE. Smurfs are blue and Mexicans are not Smufs.
He just looks at me and reminds me that his parents keep their heat low too and blah blah.
No wonder his mother knits and crochets its not a hobby its a survival technique.

Send warm thoughts


lisagh said...

You know I feel your pain! Stay toasty.

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha!! You are killing me. :)

You're a newlywed - go warm up another way. ;)

Love you!!
Scrapbook Girl

suburban prep said...

Here in the Chicago area it is freezing too.
One of my sisters moved to Florida in August and she is up visiting with her hubby and 4 yr old daughter. They are stating it is too cold (they moved from here). The last time they came up it was last month when we were in the deep freeze.
Oh well this too shall pass.

Be Inspired Always said...

It's freezing here too. I never saw a winter where it snows every other day. I can't wait til Spring.

I even started ordering flowers to bring in that springy feeling.