Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Boxes and Bags and Boxes and Bags

--That is my life. We have boxes and bags in the house and in the garage. I have gotten rid of 5 bags and you can't tell. The Man said he can tell but he likes a happy home so maybe he is twisting the truth a bit.
--Ohh The Cousin was home for her best friends baby shower and we were joking about hair since I found a bunch of old pictures from high school. I will post our bad hairstyles as soon as The Man can show me how to scan pictures. I have heard that other bloggers ask permission before posting silly pictures of their family. I choose not to embrace that school of thought since The Cousin lives in New Jersey and I will have plenty of warning before she can get here to kill me:-P Besides the pictures are so funny remember we are children of the mid 80's early 90's.
--I have today and tomorrow for myself then its back to doing errands for the Posie.
--I also found a bunch of books that I will have to go through before giving them to the Scrapbook Girl.
--Funny story: When I turned 15 my parents gave me a .5 karat diamond solitaire necklace (Mexicans celebrate the 15th birthday in a big way) and my mom always kept it with her jewelry since I have a habit of losing things. Anyway fast forward to 2006 I get engaged and my mom starts to look for the necklace thinking I will want to wear it on my wedding day. She can't find it. She is getting very nervous about this since I also will never let it go that she lost my 15th birthday present so she doesn't tell me. We go to the Ohio Momma's house and she offers to let me wear her pearl necklace on the wedding day. My mom looks so happy when i say "yes and thank you". Now its 2008 and we are packing to move and she is in her bedroom and we hear her shout "Oh thank you baby Jesus" I run in the bedroom and she is happy and dancing (swaying actually she has a bad leg remember?) holding the necklace. I ask what the big deal is and she tells me that she lost my necklace and she just found it behind the drawer in her dresser. Hmmm she lost it? Now who is the flighty one???

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