Sunday, March 09, 2008


So we all know that my mom moved right? Well I was going through some boxes and I found the little book that she kept her wedding budget and 1st apartment receipts in. My parents got married in 1970 and divorced in 1979 so its somewhat exciting to see anything related to their actual marriage since I don't really remember them being married. I was 6 when they got the divorced and apparently I have repressed a lot from their last year of marriage. Anyway they are good parents and blah blah. The point of this is post is how weddings have changed in 37 years.

Their flowers: $98.00
My flowers: $1000.00 +

Their Bridesmaids gifts: $28.00 for I "think" 4
My Bridesmaids gifts: I am not telling since my posse reads this but they got Coach wristlets, a frame, cute tissues and mints and I had 7 chickees. The flower girl got a pearl bracelet and jewelry box.

Their refrigerator and stove: $200.00
Our refrigerator: $ 600.00

My mom's dress and veil: $200.00
My dress and veil: $900.00 and I think I got a deal on my dress and the veil was on sale for 25% off. The alterations for my dress was $400.00+. See what happens when you are short, have big boobies, a bigger bum and a smaller than you would think given the butt waist?

Their reception for 200: a bit under $2000.00.
Our reception: A hell of a lot more for less people.

My mom's hair and make-up: Free she did it herself with my aunt's help
Mine: I dunno my K-Pooh paid for it as a wedding present because she loves me and I was having a nervous breakdown dealing with the salon. Seriously, dealing with the salon is the only wedding task that drove me to tears. The people could not understand that I had 7 bridesmaids, a flowergirl, a mom and an aunt who needed to have hair and makeup done. I do know it was more than free and less than plastic surgery:-)

Their bridesmaids dress: Under a 100.00 for the entire outfit which included shoes, a hat and I think gloves. They did their own hair and makeup
My bridesmaids: When you add in the shoes, alterations, hair and makeup I think we are close to 400.00 possibly closer to 500.00 depending on the alterations. Since I had so many bridesmaids they got 10% off the dress but anything over a size 12 is considered a "plus" size which means an additional charge so the 10% didn't make a difference. However they didn't have to wear a hat with puffy netting or gloves so I think they made out in the end:-)

Funny eh?

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