Friday, March 21, 2008

Whats new, whats new

Hello My Lovely Peeps,

It has been a crazy week here at Casa de Duchess. The Man and Oatmeally's oldest painted the bedroom on Saturday. We didn't get the room set up until mid-week. Why you ask? Well I started work, I had to test my subject and I had a paper due. Yeah isn't that lovely? Yeah and the house is still not together and its Easter weekend. We are going to the Ohio Momma's house on Sunday after Mass. We are taking the LokiPuppyBoy. Yesterday I made appointments for Loki, me and Posie to get our hairs done. No, not at the same place like the Cousin thought! I also need to get The Man a Easter gift. It will be small but cute probably candy and a video game if I can find one that he will actually like:-)

I think I am really loving the "Real Housewives of N*W Y&RK". My favorite housewife is Countess LuAnn. She isn't as fake as the other chickess on that show.

Have a Happy Easter loves!!

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