Friday, April 04, 2008

Vera Bradley is not making me happy!

So apparently "Customer Service" for Vera Bradley is a big fat joke.
They feel that customer service is based on not actually helping the customer but the reps are highly trained in the art of making excuses.
1. Denying credit cards and then blaming the credit card company which caused me to call the customer service numbers for both credit cards to only be told that the charges did go through
2. None of the charges went through because Vera Bradley did not put through the charges
3. Calling Vera Bradley again
4. Putting the order through again
5. Getting the order and realizing its not complete
6. The shipping slip is not mine and has another person's information on it.
7. Caling customer service again!
8. To correct their mistake they did not charge me for the missing paper to be shipped again.
9. Speaking to a senior rep to be told no they can't do anything to make this better but they are so sorry but really they can't do anything to make up for my lost time trying to get this taken care of but really they are sorry. So sorry.

I will continue to buy Vera Bradley but only through the cute store in Birmingham and not through the actual company.
I am bit frustrated right now sorry for the rant.


lisagh said...

Hey Duchess!
I didn't get your email with your mailing address - or if I did, I mistakenly lost it. Can you please send again? I don't want M. to miss seeing you!

thx. L.

Amelia said...

I hate when you run into that kind of customer service... so annoying! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Have a good weekend!