Saturday, August 23, 2008

Allie and Etsy

We had a doctor appointment for Allie yesterday. So I hauled my not feeling good self off the couch and we went. Allie does have asthma and she is on an antibiotic. They took her off the other medication because it suppresses her immune system. However that medication helps her breathe but it could have played a part in her getting an upper respiratory infection. They once again suggested the whole take her to a specialist and sell your soul option which we just can't do. For one, I like my soul and second we do not have a lot of surplus moolah at this point. Also I would like to point out she is 16 and I don't think she could be put under safely and the vet even said that she would have concerns with her having the procedure. So we are treating the symptoms to allow her to have a comfortable life but we are not treating the cause. Does that make sense? It is the right decision for our little family at this point and I am okay with that and I think Allie is too since she really hates people poking at her.

Has anyone bought anything from the Etsy site? I found a lot of cute stuff but I have never ordered anything from them.

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