Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Politics and Religion why the heck not?

Yes I know its not polite to speak of politics and religion in social settings. However I consider this blog to be part of my world and therefore subject to my way of doing things. They don't call me duchess for nothing! So without stating who I am going to vote for in November let me share a thought or two or three.

1. I do not assume that all African American people are voting for 'Bama and no I do not think all old men are going to vote for McCain.

2. I do not think that McCain thought that women would just vote for him because of his VP choice just like I don't think that Obama thinks all old white guys are going to vote for him because of his VP choice

3. Could she have possibly been picked because of her standing on issues that support McCain's viewpoint and not because she has boobies? I mean maybe she got to be governor because oh I don't know, she is capable and smart.

4. I find it amusing that all of the really snarky comments about Palin are coming from women. Yep all the catty comments about her hair, age and general appearance are being stated by women. Women who normally consider themselves to be feminist bloggers are being downright beeyatchy about Palin. Now if any man made a comment about Palin's appearance how fast would the doo-doo hit the fan?

5. Those same feminist bloggers are also throwing the tomatoes because her daughter is pregnant and is KEEPING the baby. They naturally assume that Palin is making her daughter keep the baby. They go on and on about how her daughter being pregnant is just proof she is not a good parent. However THEIR choice to have abortions were clearly their choice and the only right choice and they hate people judging them for making that choice. Kettle? Hi its teapot how are you doing?

6. Oh I love how they are bringing up the fact that Palin's son has Downs and that is just why abortion should be an option for everyone since why would she keep a baby with Downs? It must because of her freaky belief in God.

Now I may not be the president of Obama's fan club however I respect him as a person and what he has accomplished at such a young age. He appears to be a good father and husband so yes I respect him as a person. Do I agree with him on every issue? No, however, being raised to be a lady ( Yes I can throw down with the best of them and yes I swear and sometimes have a drink or two and yes I can be inappropriate with my humor but I do know the correct way to act) I would never preface any remarks about his standings on issues with any reference to his ethnic background nor would I question his belief in God. So why are the oh so proud to be feminists so quick to throw the rotten veggies at a woman who is working mother just like the majority of them??

Ok six comments. See I told you I am not good with math:-) Sorry I read a lot of blogs, not just the preppy ones listed and I think I may have to stop reading some of them until November.

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Ashley said...

I agree with ALL of your points.

I getting quite frustrated about how judgemental so called feminists can be.