Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Posse

What can I say about my posse?

I chose my wedding party carefully. Everyone of those awesome women are special to me in some way.

The Cousin was my Maid of Honor and throughout the years we have had our highs and lows. While last year was the best year of my life so far it was one of her hardest. Yet she was right there beside me as I made the biggest commitment of my life. She has come through for me and I would walk through hell to get to her. The cousin bond is not to be taken lightly:-)


Heros wife . She married my older cousin and The Cousin's brother. She made me laugh the whole day of the wedding and the night before. She is sassy and sure of herself and she is an awesome mother to her three boys. She comes from a divorced family too so she can emphasize with me when my parents act goofy.

Oatmeally. Good Lord that woman was dragged on every wedding errand since the Cousin lives in Jerzee. She was my rock and she has talked me down numerous cliffs since the 9th grade.

PastelOne. She is my sister and truly one of the nicest people in this world. I give her crap for surrounding herself with all that is pastel but she had no problem with the red dress and even enjoyed branching out a bit:-)

BunnyButt. She tried on numerous dresses and had many ideas regarding bras and shoes (think pointed boobies and Missy Elliot boots!) She cheered me up when I was drowning with work, school and the wedding.

K-Pooh. Stepped and resolved the great Hair and Make-up conflict of 2007! I called her crying that I was going to have to do my hair myself and good Lord I can't wear a pony tail to my wedding and whine and cheese and whine some more. The next day she had it all organized. Gotta love a woman who has a planner and cell phone and is not afraid to use it.

Scrapbook Girl: She was the email girl. I sent her close to 1,000,000,000,000 emails about the wedding from dresses to shoes to hair and her response? Just let me know what and where you need me and I will be there. Gotta love that:-)

So yeah I couldn't have had the wedding that The Man and I had without everyone of those ladies. For one thing I probably would have slept in even more than I did and I would have missed the whole thing:-D


Marketing Gurl said...

I love seeing your posse and why you picked all your b-maids. I am in a wedding in November and I feel so lucky. It is such an honor to be picked! Love, MG

Rachel Ann said...

You won my Pay It Forward giveaway. Email me your address so I can get your prize in the mail! nathanandrachelann AT gmail DOT com

ms. mindless said...

your bridesmaids bouquets were gorgeous!

Pink Preppy Party Girl said...

I love your wedding dress and the red b-maid dresses. I am hoping that my daughter's pick red (several years away).