Thursday, January 01, 2009


Wow 2008 was not the best year but it wasn't the worst either.

I started this year in grad school counting down the days until I graduated.
I ended the year being dismissed for C's.

I started this year employed at a non profit full time.
I was told that I couldn't go to school and work. So I quit and found a part time job.
I ended the year with a part time job and a full time job at two more non-profits.

Those were the two main changes at Casa de Hispanic-German last name. In the grand scheme of things we were blessed. It could have been much worse.

My bestest friend lost her little brother.
ScrapbookGirl lost her momma.
K-Poohs friend lost her battle with cancer leaving a beautiful little girl behind.

2009 starts with The Man wondering if he will have a job after February. The economy is still uncertain but at least I have a full time job so if the worst happens at least we won't be in a lake without a paddle, ya know?

So even though we have the possible job loss looming in front of us we are starting 2009 with hope that it will be better than 2008.

Besides 2009 is the year that we have decided to go gun-ho on the baby project. The Chinese calendar may say it's the year of the ox but here in Casa de Hispanic-German last name its the year of the Baby.

I hope all of you lovely readers have a Blessed and Happy 2009.
I truly love you all!

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Landlocked Mermaid said...

Duchess- Would you email me so we can talk adoption specifics? I am clueless and would like any suggestions ideas thoughts guidance etc that you have to offer xoxo