Sunday, January 11, 2009

Its been an odd week

This week seriously felt like two weeks were jammed into one regular week.

Oh the work front:
I have to write child evaluations for each of my kids. This report is given to the prospective adoptive parent to read so they can get a bigger picture of what type of environment the child came from, it includes the birth family history and the reasons why the child entered foster care in the first place. This week I worked on one report for the entire week. It took me that long because the descriptions of the abuse that her four siblings went through was too much for me to focus on for more than an hour or so at a time. Seriously, I couldn't just sit down and write because I found myself getting upset just reading it. The youngest child was less than one when she was removed and there were signs of sexual and physical abuse on her and I don't even want to discuss the three older boys.

On the dream front:
I had two dreams that I remembered this week. Don't worry this won't turn into my dream journal or anything crazy like that:-) But they were nice dreams.
A bit of a background story for this dream: Oatmeally lived in a house that was held together with spit, bubblegum and duct tape. Seriously it was falling apart around her and the boys. It needed a new roof and poor Oatmeally thought that if she got a bunch of our friends together that we could replace it. Hmmm lets just think about this for a minute shall we? I am terrified of heights and none of us are really what you would call "handy". So thankfully this idea was never played out in real life. Anyway the dream....
Neil was fixing the roof on the old house which was somehow on her new house. He was tan and happy. He was on the ladder smoking and mumbling under his breath because Tina and I kept handing him the wrong tools. I woke up feeling content that he was where he should be and he was at peace.

Second dream....
I was at Scrapbook Girls parent's house and her mom was laughing and talking. But she didn't look like I knew her. She looked younger like Scrapbook Girls age. Scrapbook Girl, her sister and brother were there and her dad was cooking. A bunch of our friends were there too. She was laughing with her kids about some little dog that kept running away. It was a sunny day and it just felt like everyone was happy and life was good. I woke up feeling happy that morning too.

On the house front:
Dear God we have four cats!

I really hope this week is just a normal week:-)


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