Sunday, January 04, 2009

Odd things

Odd ramblings:

--I live in Michigan. I have only lived in Michigan and the only person I know who lives in/around New York is The Cousin. So why do I read the wedding announcements in the NY Times every week? I even tear up when the back story is good.

Why you sometimes should forget you're a social worker when you are in Church:
--So on New Years Eve we were in Church. The priest was talking about Joseph being Jesus' foster father during the homily. I leaned over to The Man and said actually he was more like his adoptive father because he gave Jesus his last name and legally foster parents can not change a foster child's name. Also I was thinking to myself he was married to Mary so Jesus was not removed from a birth parent's care due to neglect or abuse so really Joseph was his adoptive parent.

-- We sang "What child is this" I barely caught myself before I sang "Whose child is this"

Yet another reason why The Duchess and The Man are big saps:

-- We now have 4 FOUR cats. Why? My friend got pregnant and her husband made her get rid of the cats so we took all three of them. Our little house is now home to:
The Man
Osiris (The Man's big crabby cat)
Loki ( MY dog who is adorable in every way)
Thea (small cat big attitude)
Lucina (white cat with black spots)
Skif (male tiger striped cat, we think, since he walked in the house and promptly disappeared)

Why the odd names? We tried to name the cats after gods of different mythologies. Osiris is the Egyptian god of the dead. Loki is the Norse god of mischief. Thea is the Greek Titan goddess of heavenly light. Lucina is the Roman goddess of childbirth. We couldn't find a good god name for Skif so he is named after a character in the Mercedes Lackey Valdemar series of books. He is a Herald who is a bit mischievous.

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Princess Freckles said...

Heyy! In response to your post on my blog, I love the Livonia TJ Maxx! I work at the Civic Center library right there! I've found Lilly there too. You must venture out to Great lakes Crossing and hit up the TJ Maxx there. Its the best!