Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The decade in review

This appears to be the thing to do so I am doing it:=)

2000--Hmm I was working at a bank and a real estate office. I had also dropped out of college which shall go down as the dumbest thing I have ever done.

2001--Still working at a bank and doing really nothing with my life. Then 9-11 happened and everything changed. I read each and every one of the Portraits of Grief that the New York Times did and I cried for each and every one of those people who were listed. One of the things that stood out in my mind were that all of them LOVED their jobs. I started thinking what would my portrait of grief say and I didn't like what I saw in my head.

2002--Quit the bank to go back to school in August. Still working in the real estate office and started taking classes at a community college to get back in the groove with the school thing.

2003--Holy Moly I turned 30. I went back to the university that I had dropped out of before and began working on my last two years of my Bachelors degree. Of course the two classes that I need to take when I had dropped out previously had turned into two YEARS of new requirements.

2004--Turned 31 on April 28. Meet The Man on April 30. Life is looking good!!! I decide in August that we are meant to be together for the rest of our lives. Spend the next year and half convincing The Man that I am right=) In December he tells me that he loves me---Swoon!

2005--GRADUATE with my Bachelors which took me 11 years for a 4 year degree. Yep, see not so smart at times. Get my first big girl job that requires a degree. Meet some of my dearest friends. Meet some kids that I want to hug and tell them it is not their fault. Meet some adults who need to have their heads smacked over and over again. Still loving The Man. Mommakins breaks her leg on July 15 and I start my job on July 18. FUN TIMES!

2006--On April 8, 2009 The Man and I go shopping to look at rings. We have a drag out full blown argument on the way to the store. I am crying, he is pissed which is clearly the mind set you need to be in to go looking at engagement rings. He apologizes and desperately hopes that I am distracted from my tears by the bright shiny goodness of diamonds. I am! We go into the first store which is nice but nothing pops out. Show The Man a yellow diamond. He informs me that the diamond looks like pee. Realize that I am probably not getting a yellow diamond. Moving on... Go into more stores,one of which contains a saleslady who tells me that I need a BIG ring since I have short CHUBBY fingers, dragged out of the store by The Man still sputtering vowing to go ghetto Mexican on her sorry ass if only The Man would let go of my arms. Go back to the first store. Really look at the rings, play with diamonds and meet the owner of the store who is lovely. Find MY ring. Show my trembling finger to The Man. The Man hears himself telling the lady that we will take the ring! I run out of the store to call one of my friends from the big girl job! On April 11 The Man takes my father out to lunch to ask for my hand in marriage.l He gives his blessing and we begin to plan our WEDDING! Start grad school.

2007-- Spend the majority of the year planning our wedding. Working and going to school. We get MARRIED on October 6! We have the worst first Christmas on record.

2008-- Lose my job because of a short nasty little man. Still going to school. Find a part time job. Get kicked out of school for poor assessment papers. Bitter!! Get a full time job a month of after the school nonsense. My beloved Allie Cat dies on the same day that I find out about the full time job. Still madly in love with The Man!!

2009--The Man loses his job in Feb=( Finds a contractor job in Nov=) Realize that I will have to have a Masters in something to get any where in my field. Resign myself to getting a MSW and vow to begin that program in 2010.

I am looking forward to 2010. I am hoping to begin my MSW program and we are hoping to add a little one to our family next year. How about you?

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Gwen said...

What a decade you've had!!! I hope the next decade brings you all you desire and more!!! XOXO