Wednesday, December 16, 2009


When The Man first lost his job I offered to sell my soul and apply for a state job in my field. A couple of the counties WAAAAAY Up North were hiring and I felt that with my experience I could get hired. State workers make double what I do and it appears that they do half of the work. He said that he would support my decision however while he had absolutely no doubt in his mind that I could do the job he was concerned that I couldn't handle not being able to see him everyday. Now keep in mind he was not being all macho and conceited with that statement. He was stating the truth.

I really don't do well when I can't see him everyday. I hate not being able to get a hug or hold his hand or snuggle with him before we go to sleep. I feel incomplete and my day gets all wonky.

Yep we have only been married for two years but I already can't picture my life before having the Ohio Boy.

I really do like this marriage gig.