Friday, April 23, 2010

How I met The Man

Kelly at Kelly's Korner has this neato (yeah I just typed "neato" WOW can you smell the lameness??) feature on her blog every Friday. On Friday's she posts a topic and you link to her site and share your story as it relates to the topic. I, being lame, cannot do such linky magic so only you can read my FABULOUS story on how I met The Man.

Here it goes......

Wait for it........

I was thisclose to giving up on meeting anyone worth dating much less THE ONE when I stumbled across the joy of internet dating. I researched some sites. Research meaning surfing various sites while "working" at a real estate office on the weekends and calling the ScrapBook Girl and Oatmeally and DEMANDING that they drop everything to listen to me read some dork cheese profiles. We would laugh and then wonder if people actually met on those sites and LO' one of our friends married the chickee he met on a dating site. That gave me hope and I started getting serious about joining an internet dating site. I quickly dismissed the ones that had lady bits in the title because although my bits are pretty rockin' I thought in a completely non judgemental way that maybe quality people were not to be found on such sites. Anyway I ended up deciding to join a faith based dating site because in the event that I found THE ONE it would be helpful if THE ONE was also THE CATHOLIC ONE because my child is going to be raised Catholic (Not something I was going to be flexible about) so ya know better to have the cards on the table from the very beginning. Anyhooo I joined Catholic***Singles dot com. I may have also joined J**Date dot com and then wondered why one of the questions was how kosher is my diet...ummm hmmm.

So I joined and I waited!
Yep still waiting.
Started talking to two guys (one of them The Man)
Went on a date with the other guy
Considered playing for the other team.
Decided that I wanted to only talk to the quiet engineer guy.
Liked his emails, they made me smile:-)
Started emailing off the dating site
Talked to him on the phone (good phone voice)
Decided we needed to meet
Met in April 2004
Decided in August 2004 he was THE ONE ( I now need to convince him)
He said "I love you" in December 2004
Got engaged April 2006 (The 11th to be exact)
Said " I DO" on Oct 6, 2007

Thank G-d everyday for him:-)


Anonymous said...

He wouldn't be 'the Man' without 'the Woman'. He is equally blessed. Happy April! this is how I met month! from 'the Mother-in-Law'

KT said...

I met my husband online too ( to be exact). I love hearing about other couples that meet the same way! :-)