Wednesday, February 01, 2012

How I am keeping the spice in my marriage!

Working title: Why The Man volunteered to stay in Mexico for another week.

So The Man is back in Mexico. I am telling you this internets because you all don't know where I live so none of you will try to kill me as I sleep. If you do know me you know that I will bust a glock on yo' ass for shizzle if you try anything silly. Why yes I speak fluent gangsta!

Hmm anyway here is a snippet of why The Man is so tooting lucky to have me as his wife:

Please let me set the scene: I had just told The Man that I had burped and now I was hungry. I like for him to think of me as a delicate flower that must be coddled and admired so I share my shiny moments with him.

The Man: The sad part is I’m jealous.
Love you

The Duchess: that you didn't hear me burp and you can't see me in my sexy pjs.?

Ohh you are so missing out on the cuteness.



I have it cranked up to 11


Cause my cute meter goes to 11!

Love you

Ohhh yeah its always sexy up in here:-)