Friday, January 04, 2013

2013 Please be better than 2012!!

Allo Loves,

2012 was a pretty crappy year. I was flaring for the majority of it. Then I was diagnosed with Diabetes and then I lost my job. The Man and I are lovely but other than that (yes I am grateful that we are lovely) the year was absolute rubbish.

This means that 2013? Life can only improve!!

I made some resolutions for this year however I am going to refer to them as "goals" not resolutions because I break those and maybe I can reach my goals? Maybe? Sorta kindof if you don't look to closely:-)

I am going to be messing around with this blog because blogging is one of my goals. I will be adding a page for my goal for 2013 and since one of my goals is working on Casa de GermanLastName I may make a page for home improvement.

I bought the book "Young House Love" and googley moogley I LOVE IT!!!!!

Oh I also bought one of the Hungry Girl books and so far I have about 359734082 recipes that I want to try so I guess another goal is cooking more? Eh ok maybe I will become the Mexican version of Martha?


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