Wednesday, November 17, 2004

One of my soapboxes

I am getting so sick of hearing about a woman's right to choose. I have been raised Catholic so that was the foundation of my belief system but I feel that this has gotten bigger than just a religious viewpoint. I believe without a doubt that a woman has the right to decide what happens with HER body. HOWEVER when you are pregnant you are carrying another human being. I believe that you have a right to choose to have sex. It is no longer a great mystery on how a woman gets pregnant. Its common knowledge that sex is the leading cause of pregnancy. Birth control is out there and we have the right to say "no". Why are women acting like victims? We bitch about equal rights yet we act like we are too stupid to realize that having unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy. So our solution? Kill the evidence of our stupidity. That is not equal rights, my friend, that is acting like a victim. We are not taking responsibility for our actions by killing an innocent child. I would have more respect for feminism if it didn't call for women to act like victims.
You have unprotected sex then you take responsibility for your action. You can keep the child or you can give him/her up for adoption.
That is another issue that bugs me women who say they couldn't bear the thought of another woman raising their child so they abort. Think about that. I don't want the child therefore no one can have the child. Don't men who kill their ex-wife or girlfriend use that excuse? I can't have her therefore no one will have her. When we hear that we have protests and a "Lifetime" movie is born. Yet we allow women to use that excuse for having an abortion. Agh.
When women stop acting like victims and take responsibility for their actions then maybe we will be taken seriously.

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