Monday, April 04, 2005

Its DONE!!

My senior presentation, the one that I have been stressing about for the last ten weeks is DONE!!! All done All gone! Yay for the Duchess. Now I can panic about the other papers that I have to get done before they let me graduate. Ick but I will start stressing on Tuesday. The man and I had a nice long lunch and then I took a nap. A nice long nap on his couch. I am very happy today. Oh I forgot we are getting ice cream tonight with some friends of ours which will be the perfect ending to a lovely day.
I can't wait until I can get a cool Blog set up. I am planning on redesigning this bad boy after I get done reading a very good Blogging book.
Have a great Spring day

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Anonymous said...

I am leaving a comment just becasue I CAN!!!! HA HA HA