Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lazy Sundays and helping The Man pack*

I got the lazy part down so I feel like I accomplished at least one of my goals. The packing portion of my day.....not so much. I had cramps so I basically became one with the couch but I did offer him lots of encouragment (when I wasn't napping) so I was a supportive Girlfriend:) No listen this is how bad my mood and cramps were today; he offered to pay for my Midol. Yes kids I was a beeyatch then I took two happy pills and all was well with the world.

I should know by Tuesday at the latest about my job so wish me luck. I hate waiting, I really do so this sucks. I have bills to pay so a big girl job would be a dandy thing to have right about now.

I got my credit report yesterday. Yay. I found an error and a couple of things that I can fix however I can't find the actual score. I think its bad but still I would like to know so I can be even more depressed:-p

I have to do laundry soon or I will be wearing my prom dress to work on Tuesday.

* I did manage to roll myself off the couch long enough to pack his movies,video games and other goop from under the TV so does that count as helping?

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Anonymous said...

First of all, any packing requires a supervisor, and you were merely there to do that very important job. Secondly, WEAR THE PROM DRESS!!! But only if you can accomplish the "Mall Bangs" to go with it :-)