Thursday, May 19, 2005

Graduation Parties

Let me tell you its a pain in the bum to have divorced parents. I had to have 2 parties for graduation. Now if those two ya-hoos think I am going to have 2 wedding receptions they both better put on their big kid underpants and realize that its not all about them. So there!

Mom's Party:
Lots of fun. The Man's parents and little brother came up from Ohio and they seemed to like my crazy family which was a relief:)Oatmeally,Pastel Princess and Bunny Butt sat at one table with my aunt and uncle. My party was the first time that my aunt ventured out since she started treatment for breast cancer. She looked beautiful:)My friend from the bank and her husband sat with The Man and I at his parents table. We had left over food and cake which we ate for the next two days. It was more formal than my dad's party.

Dad's Party:
Lots of fun also:) It was more informal since it was a cookout. Of course we forgot that we live in Michigan so it was cold and nasty which is normal for this lovely state. Oatmeally did not come to the party since she was so sick that she actually called in sick two days! Being a single mom her sick days are usually used for the boys and not herself. Anyhoo ScrapBook Girl and her trusty sidekick Jackness and their husbands came and they seemed to have a good time. Bunny Butt and her hot husband came and they were funny. K-Pooh was there even though she was also quite sick and her voice was very husky like Demi Moore when she had talent:p My best friend from grade school blew me off AGAIN so whatever on that topic. The Man was also there and he was so cute. He doesn't talk much but when I mentioned he was quiet he told me that with all of my friends and me he is lucky to get in a word or two at the most. Whatever Ohio Boy. My dad made fajitas and they were so yummy I ate two pounds of them by myself. The stepmonster gets all of our cakes from somewhere in Livonia and they are soooo good but so rich you can't finish the whole piece.

I think that is all that I have to say about my parties. Its kind of sad that all of the graduation stuff is done. Damn you work so hard and so long that it seems like a let down when its all done.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful time at dad's grad party. Thank you for inviting me to join you all :-) And my Demi voice is gone now,and I didn't even get any good talk radio jobs while I had it. Darn it!


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Anonymous said...

dum dum dum!!! Look in the SUV, it's Scrapook Girl and her trusty sidekick Jackness here to save old photos from the hell that is magnetic albums!!!! They will not rest until they have coverted all to their cult of paper obsession!!!

Anyway - we had a great time at your party and enjoyed eating and talking to everybody that we never get to see like K-Pooh and Bunny-Butt. :)

Scrapbook Girl