Thursday, May 19, 2005

Student Loans and Hell

I graduated on May 7th and on May 9th all of my student loan crap came in the mail. Now I realize that it would be a great idea to pay those pesky things off sometime in the future but unless they want me to pay them in magic beans they have to wait until I get a big girl job. I had to do a closing survey thingee on the 'net or else something evil would have happened to me or someone in my family. I swear I kept getting email reminders everyday. The last one was from a nun and being Catholic I was immediately filled with guilt and I did the survey two minutes after I read the message. Geesh.

I have a job interview on Friday at the place that I had my internship and I am hoping that I get the job. I think I have a good chance since I was very proactive during my time there. The position is Crisis Worker and I actually helped both crisis workers a lot on the days that I was there and my supervisor has put in a good word for me. So start praying that I get this job and guess what! If I get hired I will get health insurance. YAY for ME.

I have been in asthma hell this week. I called my cousin today before I left for work and she thought I was dying. I need more than 4 hours of sleep or else I am a bitchy duchess. My co-worker who hates working extra hours actually offered to work my evening shift for me. Damn I must look like hell.

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