Thursday, May 12, 2005


My graduation day was lovely. The sun was shining and the birds were singing and I was having a 5 star melt down. I swear I hate being late so I do everything in my power to avoid it yet I somehow run late. I told Oatmeally that we would pick her up on our way to U of D-M so we could all be together and no one would get lost. I had the great idea to get bagels on our way to her house since my party wasn't until 3 and graduation was at 10:00 and we wouldn't have time to stop after graduation since we had to pick up the cake. Anyway The Man,my mom and me are running around making sure we have all of the bags for the party, my cap and the collar thingee, the directions, my purse, etc. My mom decides that she NEEDS to take pictures of The Man and I before we leave whatever mom just take the darn picture. We finally leave and head over to the bagel place where I proceed to act like a dork because once again I am so damn happy. I tell the man to "bagel our cream cheeses" G-d bless him he just nodded and bageled away. See once again I am overwhelmed by his ability to understand my gooberness. We hit the road and he doesn't speed even though I keep telling him to and then I offer to drive and he just looks at me like I am demented. We finally get to Oatmeally's house and miracles of miracles she is ready so she jumps in the back seat and off we go. I had directions and I didn't know that they sucked so we ended up taking the LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGG way to the school. We finally get there and I couldn't figure out how to get the collar thing to stay on so The Man rigged it with a bobby pin...classy that is me. I am standing in front of the doors that the graduates go in when my dad and the stepmonster walk up and he looks proud and I almost started crying but anyway did I mention that I was very happy? We go in and I found my friends so we sit down to wait for the ceremony to begin. BLAH BLAH BLAH when we walk in I hear someone screaming my name and it was my cousin so I waved like a dork and I felt like crying. BLAH BLAH BLAH they call the school of social science so we get up and head over to the stage. The dean of psychology and my favorite prof were standing there waiting for us and it was a nice personal touch. We hugged I felt like crying. Then its my turn to walk across the stage and I walked and it was a haze a beautiful haze. I remember hearing cheering from my family and it was awesome. BLAH BLAH it ends then the fun begins. I COULDN"T FIND MY FAMILY. I felt like a damn orphan. Finally my dad finds me then The Man finds me and my dad so we head over to where the rest of the family was waiting and the picture taking begins. Oh Lordy is my butt big and yeah I have worked out twice since seeing those pictures:p
I will update the party fun on Friday.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful momentous occasion! The chaos beforehand is just the icing on the cake baby! Congratulations you smarty pants!


Anonymous said...

U rock the world my mighty dee!