Friday, May 06, 2005


Yesterday was the Mass and Saturday I walk. I can't wait!!! I have worked so hard for this day and now that its here I feel alittle bit empty. I mean I am so happy but what do I focus on now? The resumes have been sent and I am just waiting for some smart person to realize that I am perfect for the job, a job, hell any job:) I wonder if I should have gone right into grad school instead of waiting for a year. agh I wish life was like a choose your adventure book because I always cheated and checked out both options:)

My cousin and Godson came in from Maryland last night and they were able to come to Mass so that was awesome. My other cousin and her family are coming in this morning. My dad and stepmother were there but they did not eat dinner with us. My mom, The Man and everyone else including my sister went to eat after the Mass at Big Boy's. Yay for us:)

On Saturday everyone that was at the Mass and my bestest friend Oatmeally and Bunny Butt will be at the ceremony to cheer me on. I just hope I don't trip on the stage. Then we party at 3:)

I am going to use my graduation money for a new computer.

On Sunday we are going to big brunch to celebrate Mother's Day and after we are going to my Aunt's house for some cake and whatnot. So this weekend will be busy but fun.

I am so emotional this week and I am really missing my grandparents especially my Nana. Damn I am such a pile of mush right now.

Did I mention that I am typing this at work? Well I am. I can't change the font or the color but I can type but I can't type on the computer behind dumb is that?

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you!! You have gone through so much to get here and you did it on your own terms, which is even better. You and I have been through a lot in the past and I am so happy that we are friends. I love you!!!! You rock, my little graduate!!!

From your tall, curly haired scrapbook friend. :)