Saturday, April 30, 2005

One Year of HAPPY

Its our one year anniversary!!!!!!! Yay for us. His mom sent me a very cool gift. She loves to garden and now that THE MAN has a house I think she thinks that I have a desire to garden so she sent me a big floppy hat and some gloves. I do want to plant a flower or two but people I am so NOT Martha Stewart in any shape or form. I will be happy if I don't kill the damn things:) She actually plans her garden. I think I will buy whatever is pretty and go from there.
So my dad did NOT call me for my birthday. I called today which is two days past my birthday and I left a message on his voice mail. The big jerk. I so better get a good gift since I know the words "I am sorry" will not pass that Mexican's lips EVER. Yes I am bitter thank you for asking.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary baby!!! Wow, a year has flown by so fast. Your happiness has shown :-)
And don't you know that even if you wear gloves while gardening, that dirt stuff gets in your nails?!?! ewwwww!