Saturday, June 18, 2005

Does anyone have a two-fer-one coupon for therapy??

Just wondering.
Why you ask or maybe you didn't but its my blog so you have to play my way!!

The Scrapbook Girl and I have spent the last two or so weeks emailing and talking on the phone. No that is not surprising. The topic? The best binder color, snap vs zipper, style of paper and best color of tote bags. We have a Franklin Planner addiction and we need help.


We sent each other multiple emails with links to the catalog. If you had heard us discussing the pros and cons of a having a binder with a zipper or a snap closure you would have thought we were discussing a plan to end world hunger we were so serious.

After much debate we have made our choices. She went with a pink binder with the Collage pages and I went with a pink binder with The New Yorker pages. We have different pink binders because I was not quick enough to buy her binder before it went to the dreaded "out of stock' place. DAMN.

Now the Scrapbook Girl is thinking about getting a tote bag from Franklin and we are now discussing whether or not she should go with a pink bag or with a green bag. We are both leaning, after much discussion, towards the green bag. Why? Well it may be too much pink for someone over the age of twelve. The binder or the bag not both. I think a green bag is a good choice because she likes green and she has a very J Crew(ish) way of dressing so it will go with more of her work wardrobe.

I think our Ohio Boys may get together to have us committed. I just hope we can take our planner with us:-D

********** We both prefer zippers on our binders but I think we both have snaps now**************


Anonymous said...

bwa ha ha!!!! Yes, we do need some serious therapy, but I thought that was the whole reason you went to school. :) Is there some sort of name for this strange Franklin planner obsession?

Love you!
Scrapbook Girl

Anonymous said...

You two is INSANE! By the way, my vote is for the Green as well :-)