Saturday, June 18, 2005


My cousin and I love RENT, the musical. I saw it here and she saw it on Broadway. She sent me info on the movie and I have a plan. I told her we would see it on the same night (hopefully at the same time) and then call each other the second the movie ends. That way we can pretend we saw it together:)

I* am going to add a ticker thing to this blog so we can all count down the days until the movie opens.

*Actually The Man is going to figure out how to add the HTML code thing for me since I am so not a computer geek:-D

I told Oatmeally that we have to go see it on opening night which is in November. I ordered her to put it on her calendar RIGHT NOW so she won't forget.


Anonymous said...

Hey sign me up for the movie night. I loved Rent!!!

Scrapbook-Planner Girl

Anonymous said...

Here is a good place to start for The Man.


Anonymous said...

If I can escape the confines of my prison, I wanna go too! I have never seen Rent. Nothin, Nada, yes I live in a bubble.