Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Random Tidbits of Stuff and Nonsense

***** The Man and I had our first cookout. It was a smashing success. Jack and her husband Mr Fix-it and their daughter Poohy stopped by and more importantly they brought fruit salad. I {heart} fruit salad. We had laughs and giggles. Mr fix-it and the man and the Uncle Nernie installed the air conditioner. YAY!!!!!

****** Smart Girl actually spoke to The Man. It was so cute she was eating Pringles and the plate was across the room. She was talking to The Man about the movie (which was in Japanese but she didn't notice)when she decided she needed another chip so she told the Man not to move she was just going to get another chip. She also followed him around the house talking a mile a minute about the cat. When she left she gave him a big hug.

****** I didn't get the job. HOWEVER I am the next person on the list so the next job is MINE.

****** K-Pooh had a garage sale. We hung out with the girls for a little bit and The Man was a big hit with them:)It was too hot to stay for very long. I got some good freebies in the way of books and other stuff. Why? 'Cause she loves me.

****** The cousin gave me a very cool bag for my laptop. I am thisclose to getting one. Hopefully since its almost back to school time they will be running some good deals soon.

****** Smart Girl had a mani and pedi. Thank G-d the cousin is raising her right:)By the way The Man and I bought her an Elmo purse from the K-Pooh garage sale. Actually he paid for it but I found it. We didn't put any money in it for her so when she opened the purse it was empty. Smart Girl was not amused so we told her to ask Grandpa for money. Later on, after the air conditioner was in and everyone was inside she was looking at her purse and it was still empty so she walked up to Grandpa and asked him "where is my money" and she showed him the empty purse. She got seven cents:)

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